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Pacific pink salmon have been seen spawning in the River Nairn this week, as has been reported from many rivers across Scotland this summer. These fish are not native to Scotland and are likely to have ‘strayed’ from some of the rivers in northern Norway or Russia. They  were originally introduced to some Russian rivers in the 1960s, and have slowly spread westwards and have now colonised some northern Norwegian rivers. The pink salmon spawn at a different time from Atlantic salmon, have a 2-year lifecycle and generally spawn in summer (and often in main river channels, in the lower reaches of rivers, and sometimes in upstream tributaries).

A male pink salmon was caught by the Nairn Bailiff and scale samples taken by Bob Laughton.  However two other males and four females were seen in the river.  Both the male and females die after spawning, so expect to see dead pink fish in our rivers over the coming weeks.
If you catch a pink salmon please despatch it and contact the FNLFT so that scale samples can be taken and numbers of fish seen added to reports across Scotland.  Fisheries Management Scotland are monitoring the numbers of fish seen on behalf of Marine Scotland Science.  FMS have produced a briefing note with more information on identification.