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Giant Hogweed Treatment Underway

The warmer temperatures this week were very welcome but it also mean’t the unwelcome return of Giant Hogweed. Scottish Invasive  Species Initiative Project Officer James Symonds was quick off the mark and began treatment of the giant hogweed just upstream of the A96. 

Following this initial treatment we will be contacting farmers along the burn to devise a treatment strategy for this year and beyond. Visits to other land owners along the Nairn and Findhorn were also made this week, with round-up and equipment distributed. More visits are planned and treatment will begin in earnest from next week to reduce the spread of this toxic invader.

The SISI project is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and Scottish Natural Heritage and involves 10 fishery trust across Scotand with sceintific advice also provided by Aberdeen University. The project will tackle a range of non native plants such as Giant Hogweed, Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam and also mink!

Although specialist contractors will be used in very badly infested areas,  the project will also involve volunteers in both the control and monitoring of non native species. 

If you would like to help please contact

James Symonds 07493272898