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Pink Salmon Alert: Fisheries Management Scotland (FMS) have informed us of the recent capture of a pink salmon on the south coast of Norway by an angler, and one may have been caught in commercial nets in NE England. So there is a possibility that the pink salmon may turn up again in Scotland this year. 

As before, Findhorn Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust will assist with the collection of any information on incidences of these fish, and if you do record any sightings or captures, please advise us as soon as possible. Please record the following information, and, where possible, retain whole fish, scale or tissue samples. For further info on the 2017 Pink salmon invasion click here

Date caught  

Location with approximate grid reference  – (you can use  

Method of capture (or details of mortality)

Sex of fish

Size of fish length (cm) weight (kg)

Scale sample retained (y/n)

Frozen sample retained (y/n)

Any other relevant information

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Bob Laughton;  07887535986;