Diseased and Damaged Fish

Lamprey damageIf you see diseased or damaged fish, please do let us know. It is important for the Trust to keep track of fish disease and damage, and to investigate any unusual or unexpected situations. You may be the first to notice something, and early detection is one of the best ways to prevent major problems.

To report disease or damage, please phone, e-mail, or write to the Office using the details below.

If at all possible, please include a photograph of the fish, with some familiar object next to the fish to provide a sense of scale.  We can accept photos sent from mobile phones. Please provide as much detail as you can, such as where you found the fish, how it was behaving, the water level at the time, weather conditions, and any other factors that seem relevant.

E-mail: admin@fnlft.org.uk

Phone: 01309 611220

Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust
Fisheries Office, Logie Steading
Dunphail, Forres
Moray IV36 2QN