Meetings and Minutes – River Findhorn

Anyone is welcome to attend advertised meetings but some agenda items may be taken in private.

Dates of 2018 Meetings:
20th August Board Meeting
at 10.30am, Long Room at Logie Steading, Dunphail, Forres IV36 2QN

20th August 2018 AGM 12.30pm in the Long Room at Logie Steading, Dunphail, Forres IV36 2QN
The AGM shall take the form of an Annual Public Meeting in terms of the Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Act 2013. The Annual Report and Accounts will be available to view on the Boards web page
Any member of the public has the right to propose matters for consideration and/or to speak at the meeting. Members of the public wishing to propose matters are requested to intimate details of the same, and indicate whether they would also wish to speak at the meeting, to the Administrator no later than 4pm on Wednesday 15th August 2018.

26th November Board Meeting 10.30am venue t.b.c.

For further details please contact the Administrator to the Board, Valerie Wardlaw, at, 01309 611220

For directions to Logie Steading click here.  The Long Room is beside the entrance to the Farm and Garden shop.

Minutes and documents of previous meetings:
FDSFB JAN18 draft accounts
17.11.20 FDSFB Minutes
2017 Catch Returns draft
2017-11-20 FNLFT update
17.8.21 FDSFB AGM draft Minutes
17.8.21 FDSFB Minutes
2017-08-21 Findhorn DSFB FNLFT report
17.5.22 FDSFB Minutes final
FDSFB to Jan 17 Accounts
16.11.21 FDSFB Minutes final
FDSFB Draft Catch Returns 2016
16.8.21 FDSFB AGM Triennial Elections Minutes final
16.8.21 FDSFB minutes
16.5.23 FDSFB Minutes
FDSFB Accounts to Jan 2016
15.12.14 FDSFB minutes
15.12.14 FDSFB QP-APM minutes
FNLFT Director’s Report 2015
Findhorn DSFB Superintendent’s Report 2015
FDSFB Annual Accounts to May 2015
15.8.17 FDSFB Minutes 
15 5 25 FDSFB Minutes
FNLFT Director’s Report May 2015
14 11 24 FDSFB APM Minutes
FNLFT Findhorn Review 2014
Findhorn DSFB Consolidated Returns 2014
FDSFB 13-14 Accounts signed
14 11 24 FDSFB Draft Minutes
14.8.20 FDSFB Minutes
14.8.20 FDSFB Qualified Proprietors draft minutes
FDSFB Minutes of meeting 23rd May 2014
FNLFT Findhorn Progress report 2014-05
FDSFB Salmon Spring Run data to May 2014

FDSFB minute of 18th November 2013 amended
FDSFB AGM minutes of 21st August 2013
FDSFB minute of 3rd June 2013