River Lossie


photo courtesy of Seymour Monro

Management of salmon and sea trout within the River Lossie is the responsibility of the Lossie District Salmon Fishery Board (LDSFB). The Board works in close coordination with the Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie Fisheries Trust (FNLFT) and is a member of the Association of Salmon Fisheries Board.

The official season for salmon and sea trout runs from the 25th February until 31st October. However, many of the fishing estates and Angling Associations vary the season length within this. For example, Elgin and District Angling Association (EDAA) delays the opening on their fishing until the 1st April for salmon and sea trout and closes the season for sea trout on the 30th September. They close the salmon season on the 31st October.

The new Salmon Conservation Regulations which come into effect on 1 April 2016, will make it a criminal offence to kill any salmon within the Lossie District throughout the season.  This new legislation does not apply to sea trout.

Near Ballachraggan

photo courtesy of Seymour Monro

Many pressures impinge on a river system and affect the performance of the fish stocks. Arguably the greatest factor affecting salmonid stocks at the moment is sea survival. Survival rates for salmon smolts to returning adults are currently very low, 5% or less, and survival rates for sea trout also seem to be low. Work is underway to improve our understanding of the salmon and sea trout’s life at sea but this is highly expensive and beyond the scope of most Fishery Boards. However, with poor survival rates evident at sea it is essential that the natal rivers are kept in good order to maximise the output of natural wild salmon sea trout stocks.

A large number of factors affects the condition of the rivers and fisheries, including: distilleries, wind farms, flood alleviation schemes, barriers to migration, agricultural and forestry practices, quarrying, invasive non-native species and illegal fishing. 

Salmon and Sea Trout Catch Data

Catch data is submitted by each fishing proprietor to Scottish Government each year to compile official catch statistics. Catch data for the Lossie can be downloaded below – 

Lossie Rod Catch Data 1952 to 2017