Lossie District Salmon Fishery Board Meetings for 2018

All meetings are at 4pm at Mill of Kellas Trout Fishery, Mill of Kellas, Kellas, Nr. Elgin, IV30 8TS  (Directions here)

Anyone is welcome to attend advertised meetings but some agenda items may be taken in private. For further information contact the Administrator, Valerie Wardlaw on 01309 611220 or admin@fnlft.org.uk

March 6th, Annual General Meeting (APM) 2018.3.6 LDSFB AGM Agenda
This meeting is open to the public- it would be helpful in planning seating etc. if you contact Valerie Wardlaw, Administrator to the Board at 01309 611220 or admin@fnlft.org.uk if you are interested in attending.
June 12th, Board Meeting
November 20th, Annual Meeting of Qualified Proprietors

Minutes of meetings can be downloaded:
17.11.21 LDSFB QP Meeting minutes
2017-11-21 FNLFT Update
17.6.13 LDSFB minutes draft
17.3.1 LDSFB AGM minutes draft
16.11.29 LDSFB QP Meeting Minutes
16.6.27 LDSFB Meeting Minutes
16.3.1 LDSFB AGM Meeting draft Minutes
15 12 1 LDSFB QP Meeting
15.9.1 LDSFB Minutes
15.3.10 LDSFB Minutes
14.12.2 LDSFB APM Minutes
14.12.2 LDSFB Minutes
14.9.9 LDSFB Minutes
14.9.9 LDSFB Qualified Proprietors Meeting minutes
14.6.3 LDSFB Minutes
14.3.4 LDSFB Minutes
13 12 03 LDSFB AGM Minutes
13 12 03 LDSFB Minutes
130910 LDSFB Minutes
130606 LDSFB Minutes